Leonard’s ‘Geekittude’

Love Leonard Hofstader? Here are the list of things we noticed about this cool nerd which made us love him all the more. Have a read.

  • He keeps a whiteboard in their living room on which he works on theoretical physics. 
  • While Sheldon’s genius seems to be focused primarily in math and science, Leonard is insinuated to be proficient in literature and history as well as the sciences; he is able to solve a crossword puzzle in seconds.
  • He doesn’t like to be seen as a nerd. 
  • He also dislikes his friends’ habit of rattling off different trivial facts, something to which all the other geniuses enjoy both listening and participating. 
  • Sweet but sarcastic, Leonard also seems to be the most well-adjusted one of the group; he is quick to try new things apart from his nerd friends 
  • Despite his attempts to reject his nerd status, he certainly is one, with his “Star Wars” hygiene products and his ability to blurt out the wrong things in front of women
  • He falls head over heels for Penny within seconds of spotting her and while at first it seems like lust rather than love, by the end of the pilot episode he has already announced to Sheldon, “our babies will be smart and beautiful.” 

Catch him tonight @ 11 pm.
‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 5 premieres on 6th August exclusively on Zee Cafe.



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