What’s In The Name Penny?

If you’re still wondering what Penny’s last name is on “The Big Bang Theory,” you’re not the only one. No one including the cast of the show has any idea about it.

Born and brought up in a country side, Penny is the chirpy one in the geeky gang. She does not many traits which can really classify her into a slot of geeks, but she has her own ways to flaunt her smartness. Street-smart, socially active and good at kicking Leonard’s ass in the game of Halo. Penny forms an essential part of the nerdy group which adds a toss of glamour to their subtle life.

But unlike everyone, there is something special about Penny. That’s her last name.While all her friends have a surname, Penny is called, simply ‘Penny’. Rumours suggest that it could be Penny Lane or Penny Moonves.

Keeping in mind her fun-loving attitude, what do you think Penny’s last name should be? Well, what’s in the name. All we know is we adore this next-door-neighbour.

Catch her tonight in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ tonight @ 11 pm.
Season 5 premieres on 6th August exclusively on Zee Cafe.



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