Howard “Womanizer” Wolowitz

Here’s presenting Howard Wolowitz’s Guide To Win Women!

Methodology :

  • Uses his knowledge of different languages to hit on women
  • Uses magic tricks to impress the ladies
  • Has been seen using the mirroring technique to make women feel comfortable around him
  • Invites them to his place for dinner- his mom makes a hell of a brisket.
  • If you go out with him you can drive a car on Mars.
  • Dresses in black and puts on fake tattoos then goes to a goth bar to pick up goth girls.

His Best Experimented Pick-Up Lines:

  • “Do you like motorcycles? ‘Cause I ride a hog.” 
  • “Yeah, well my people invented circumcision. You’re welcome.” 
  • “760 degrees Celsius. The approximate temperature of the young lady in the front row.” 
  • “Well, if you like space stuff, I design components for the International Space Station. Which is in space. Where, I’m sure you know, no one can hear you scream.” 
  • “Nobody ever expects me. Sometimes you just look and BAM! Howard Wolowitz. ” 
  • “It’s a big deal. There’s an awards banquet and a dance afterward. Perhaps you’d like to come with me? I know the other fellas would be really excited to see a girl there.
  • “Haven’t you ever been told how beautiful you are in flawless Russian?” 

Catch Howard and his Gang in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Mon-Friday @ 11 pm.
Don’t miss out on the premiere of the brand New Season 5 on 6th August!



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