Sheldon-Amy : A One Of A Kind Couple.

Love the geeky couple of Sheldon-Amy? Check out some of the best ‘Shamy’ moments so far!

Sheldon: So, what do you think of new comic book night? Magic, right?
Amy: Sheldon, I’m disappointed in you. I understand that a smart man such as yourself is allowed his vices, like frequenting an opium den or hunting your fellow men, but this? Lame-o.
Sheldon: A. comic books are storytelling through the use of sequential art, a medium that has existed for 17,000 years since the cave art of Lascaux; and B. you play the harp, like that’s ever cool.

Sheldon: Aren’t you slicing that man’s brain a little too thin?
Amy: It’s too thin if I were making a foot-long brain sandwich at Quizno’s. For examination under a two photon microscope, it’s fine.
Sheldon: Well, you’re the expert. If the correct way to do it is the wrong way, then I yield.
Amy: Very well. If you die and donate your body to science, I promise to slice your brain like Canadian bacon.

Sheldon : Possible explanations for your symptoms are, in descending order of likelihood: hyperthyroidism, premature menopause, hosting an alien parasite, or, and I only include it for the sake of covering absolutely all bases… sexual arousal.
Amy : Where would I have picked up an alien parasite?

Amy : How come, if we’re the smart people, we don’t do this every night?
Sheldon : What’s 16 times 14?
Amy: My burps taste like cranberry juice.
Sheldon : And there’s your answer.

Sheldon : Are you experiencing dehydration, headache, nausea, and shame?
Amy : Yes. I also found a Korean man’s business card tucked into my cleavage. What happened last night?
Sheldon : Oh, memory impairment. The free prize at the bottom of every vodka bottle.
Amy : Sheldon.
Sheldon : All right. Last night, you gave me some excellent advice regarding my problem here at home. You kissed me, and then vomited on and off for 40 minutes, following which you passed out on your bathroom floor. I then folded a towel under your head as a pillow, set your oven clock to the correct time because it was driving me crazy, and I left.

Catch’em in a brand new season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on 6th August @ 11 pm.



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