Meet Sheldon Cooper : The Ultimate Geek

Here is what makes Sheldon Cooper the BIGGEST geek on Television.


  1. Sheldon is an obsessive fan of comic books and science fiction. 
  2. Sheldon not only has an extensive comic book collection, but he is fully aware of its contents.
  3. His job is researching String Theory — can you get any geekier?
  4. He has a large collection of geeky tee-shirts with super hero symbols.
  5. He possesses obscure geek knowledge about science. Specifically physics.
  6. Although he isn’t an engineer, the Oompa-Loompas of science, Sheldon does participate in robot-combat.
  7. Sheldon’s laptop of choice is an Alienware M17x, the ultimate geek laptop.
  8. Sheldon computed the optimal seating position in his apartment and his neighbor Penny’s apartment.
  9. Sheldon doesn’t play the normal version of the word game Boggle— he plays Klingon Boggle.
  10. Even though he wasn’t born when Adam West played the role of Batman, Sheldon is a fan.
  11. Sheldon is no stranger to arguing with experts on any subject. 
  12. Sheldon dabbles in lasers, so much so that the government supposedly took away one of his lasers and the hushed witnesses.
  13. He gave a Physics Department Paintball Strategy Meet, which serves as an example of “geekifying” everything that he touches.
  14. Caffeine has a pronounced effect on Sheldon, even if he does consider it a gateway drug.
  15. He owns his own Flash costume, complete with muscles!
  16. Sheldon possesses a master’s degree and two PhDs.
  17. Like most of the people who visit TechRepublic, Sheldon tries to explain to his family what he does for a living, but it doesn’t help.
  18. Sheldon measures both the liquid input and output of his body, so be careful when looking for a measuring cup for making pancakes.


He is coming soon with his ‘C-Men’ on 3rd July @ 11 pm only on Zee Cafe.





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