The Beauty among the Geeks : Penny

Name : Penny

Age: 20 something.

Star Sign: Sagittarius.

Profession: Waitress at the local The Cheesecake Factory.

Residence: Apartment across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon.

Background: She grew up in Omaha, Nebraska on a farm.

Chldhood issues: She has an ambivalent relationship with her father who quite bluntly wanted a boy.

Characteristics : Attachment issues and temperamental. Caring and Good looking.

Relationships : Has dated approximately 180 guys since the age of 14.

Hobbies: Playing Halo 3 and Guitar Hero, collecting stuffed toys.

Strengths: Social Skills and updated knowledge about pop culture.

Weakness : Not-so-scientific and very talkative. Messy and disorganized.




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