Kim Kardashian : Not Just A Pretty Face!

Want to know some more about what Kim Kardashian is actually into?
Read some details about the ventures and causes she stands up for
Kim Kardashian’s 2010 earnings were the highest among Hollywood-based reality stars, being estimated at $6 million. But she not only strikes gold in business but is gifted with a heart of gold too!
In December 2010, Kardashian filmed a music video for a song titled “Jam Turn it Up”. The video was directed by Hype Williams, Kanye West makes a cameo in the video. Kardashian premiered the song during a New Year’s Eve party at TAO Las Vegas on December 31, 2010. 
The song was produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewert. When asked if an album is in the works, Kardashian replied, “There’s no album in the works or anything—just one song we did for KKTNY, a video Hype Williams directed, half of the proceeds we’re giving away to a cancer foundation, because The-Dream’s and one of my parents passed away from cancer. It’s just all having fun—with a good cause”. 
Kim Kardashian has supported the recognition of the Armenian Genocide on numerous occasions and has encouraged Barack Obama and the United States Government to consider its acknowledgement. On April 21, 2011, a few days before the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, she wrote about the issue on her blog in an effort to put it under spotlight and also sent a tweet to her fans urging its recognition.
She also strongly supports the freedom of choosing ones sexuality. She has been associated with several movements which fight for the rights of homosexuals and bisexuals.
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Austin Tucker – The Champion, The Lover.

Austin Tucker, the men’s Olympic champion. Begins training at The Rock, inspired by how dedicated the Rock girls are.

Smart, dedicated and talented is what describes Austin the best. He is one person who believes in going an extra mile to get what he aims and will push to all his possible limits and test his potential.

He and Kaylie don’t get along because she doesn’t want Payson and Emily to get distracted by boys and the drama they seem to create. Inspite of the differences between Austin and Kaylie, he admits he cares for her. Their relationship is one full of melodrama, blame games and passion. He not only supported her through her tough times, also tries to stop her anorexia inorder to saver her career.

Catch Austin with the gymnasts of The Rock tonight.

‘Make It or Break It’ @ 10 pm.





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Leonard’s ‘Geekittude’

Love Leonard Hofstader? Here are the list of things we noticed about this cool nerd which made us love him all the more. Have a read.

  • He keeps a whiteboard in their living room on which he works on theoretical physics. 
  • While Sheldon’s genius seems to be focused primarily in math and science, Leonard is insinuated to be proficient in literature and history as well as the sciences; he is able to solve a crossword puzzle in seconds.
  • He doesn’t like to be seen as a nerd. 
  • He also dislikes his friends’ habit of rattling off different trivial facts, something to which all the other geniuses enjoy both listening and participating. 
  • Sweet but sarcastic, Leonard also seems to be the most well-adjusted one of the group; he is quick to try new things apart from his nerd friends 
  • Despite his attempts to reject his nerd status, he certainly is one, with his “Star Wars” hygiene products and his ability to blurt out the wrong things in front of women
  • He falls head over heels for Penny within seconds of spotting her and while at first it seems like lust rather than love, by the end of the pilot episode he has already announced to Sheldon, “our babies will be smart and beautiful.” 

Catch him tonight @ 11 pm.
‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 5 premieres on 6th August exclusively on Zee Cafe.



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What’s In The Name Penny?

If you’re still wondering what Penny’s last name is on “The Big Bang Theory,” you’re not the only one. No one including the cast of the show has any idea about it.

Born and brought up in a country side, Penny is the chirpy one in the geeky gang. She does not many traits which can really classify her into a slot of geeks, but she has her own ways to flaunt her smartness. Street-smart, socially active and good at kicking Leonard’s ass in the game of Halo. Penny forms an essential part of the nerdy group which adds a toss of glamour to their subtle life.

But unlike everyone, there is something special about Penny. That’s her last name.While all her friends have a surname, Penny is called, simply ‘Penny’. Rumours suggest that it could be Penny Lane or Penny Moonves.

Keeping in mind her fun-loving attitude, what do you think Penny’s last name should be? Well, what’s in the name. All we know is we adore this next-door-neighbour.

Catch her tonight in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ tonight @ 11 pm.
Season 5 premieres on 6th August exclusively on Zee Cafe.



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Howard “Womanizer” Wolowitz

Here’s presenting Howard Wolowitz’s Guide To Win Women!

Methodology :

  • Uses his knowledge of different languages to hit on women
  • Uses magic tricks to impress the ladies
  • Has been seen using the mirroring technique to make women feel comfortable around him
  • Invites them to his place for dinner- his mom makes a hell of a brisket.
  • If you go out with him you can drive a car on Mars.
  • Dresses in black and puts on fake tattoos then goes to a goth bar to pick up goth girls.

His Best Experimented Pick-Up Lines:

  • “Do you like motorcycles? ‘Cause I ride a hog.” 
  • “Yeah, well my people invented circumcision. You’re welcome.” 
  • “760 degrees Celsius. The approximate temperature of the young lady in the front row.” 
  • “Well, if you like space stuff, I design components for the International Space Station. Which is in space. Where, I’m sure you know, no one can hear you scream.” 
  • “Nobody ever expects me. Sometimes you just look and BAM! Howard Wolowitz. ” 
  • “It’s a big deal. There’s an awards banquet and a dance afterward. Perhaps you’d like to come with me? I know the other fellas would be really excited to see a girl there.
  • “Haven’t you ever been told how beautiful you are in flawless Russian?” 

Catch Howard and his Gang in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Mon-Friday @ 11 pm.
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Sheldon-Amy : A One Of A Kind Couple.

Love the geeky couple of Sheldon-Amy? Check out some of the best ‘Shamy’ moments so far!

Sheldon: So, what do you think of new comic book night? Magic, right?
Amy: Sheldon, I’m disappointed in you. I understand that a smart man such as yourself is allowed his vices, like frequenting an opium den or hunting your fellow men, but this? Lame-o.
Sheldon: A. comic books are storytelling through the use of sequential art, a medium that has existed for 17,000 years since the cave art of Lascaux; and B. you play the harp, like that’s ever cool.

Sheldon: Aren’t you slicing that man’s brain a little too thin?
Amy: It’s too thin if I were making a foot-long brain sandwich at Quizno’s. For examination under a two photon microscope, it’s fine.
Sheldon: Well, you’re the expert. If the correct way to do it is the wrong way, then I yield.
Amy: Very well. If you die and donate your body to science, I promise to slice your brain like Canadian bacon.

Sheldon : Possible explanations for your symptoms are, in descending order of likelihood: hyperthyroidism, premature menopause, hosting an alien parasite, or, and I only include it for the sake of covering absolutely all bases… sexual arousal.
Amy : Where would I have picked up an alien parasite?

Amy : How come, if we’re the smart people, we don’t do this every night?
Sheldon : What’s 16 times 14?
Amy: My burps taste like cranberry juice.
Sheldon : And there’s your answer.

Sheldon : Are you experiencing dehydration, headache, nausea, and shame?
Amy : Yes. I also found a Korean man’s business card tucked into my cleavage. What happened last night?
Sheldon : Oh, memory impairment. The free prize at the bottom of every vodka bottle.
Amy : Sheldon.
Sheldon : All right. Last night, you gave me some excellent advice regarding my problem here at home. You kissed me, and then vomited on and off for 40 minutes, following which you passed out on your bathroom floor. I then folded a towel under your head as a pillow, set your oven clock to the correct time because it was driving me crazy, and I left.

Catch’em in a brand new season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on 6th August @ 11 pm.



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Damon Salvatore : A Handsome Face with Killer Instincts.

NAME: Damon Salvatore 

NATIONALITY; Italian. Florentine, to be precise. 

AGE; About 500. Looks about 20. 

SPECIES; Vampire. 

BELOVED; His first love was fragile blond Katherine, but seeing as she’s dead and they tried to kill each other beforehand , I think the engagement’s off… He loved queenly blond Elena, but she wanted his brother, and then he seemed to be bonding with little red-haired Bonnie, but he walked off into the night. 

FAMILY; A deceased and unnamed mother whom he loved very much. A presumably deceased father, Giuseppe Salvatore. And a weak but sweet little brother called Stefan. 

DESCRIPTION; Hair black with rainbow lights in it, like a crow’s feathers, or ‘like liquid, too soft and fine for human hair.’ Eyes that are black, ‘fathomless and full of strange lights’ and which have a tendency to ‘fill the universe.’ He’s middling-verging-on-short, and has ‘dark beauty and grace and the sensuality that drew women to him like moths to a flame.’ He tends to lounge in a way that should get him done for harassment but can take ‘lithe stalking steps.’ He usually wears all black, mirrored sunglasses and drives a black Ferrari with ‘illegally tinted’ windows. He has a ‘very engaging’ laugh and a ‘charming’ smile. 
“I watched that beautiful, capricious smile with a feeling of sorrow for what Damon might have been.” -Elena Gilbert
“If you’re looking for evil, you don’t have to look very far.” -Stefan Salvatore
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